Who We Are

The Hamilton Program for Schizophrenia (HPS) is a comprehensive, community-based treatment and rehabilitation program for adults with schizophrenia, optimizing their recovery based on their goals.

HPS first became an entity in November, 1979.  It originally was incorporated as “C.S.V.R. – Schizophrenia, Inc.” (Community Social and Vocational Rehabilitation Program) and funded through the Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital (H.P.H.).   The first meeting of the C.S.V.R Board Members took place in April, 1980.  The first location was at 350 King Street East, Suite 102, Hamilton.  At that time “Hamilton Program for Schizophrenia was a program for C.S.V.R. – Schizophrenia, Inc.”.

In April, 1982, C.S.V.R. officially divested financially from H.P.H.  Initial support for individuals with schizophrenia started gradually with a note that by September, 1983 there were “58 patients”.

In November 1983, the program was officially renamed as the Hamilton Program for Schizophrenia (HPS) and the mandate for HPS included: “Providing comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation services to people with schizophrenia”. 

Fundamental shared values are at the heart of our mission. They unite us and provide direction and focus for the organization’s goals and objectives:

  1. We believe in care that ensures the dignity and rights of the individual.
  2. We believe in care that optimizes our clients’ recovery and provides them with opportunities to meet their individual rehabilitation goals.
  3. We believe that both direct care and community partnerships allow us to provide our clients with various levels and duration of support tailored to their individual needs.
  4. We believe in providing individual client care that is accessible and responsive to individual needs and goals in the community and, if needed, in a hospital setting.
  5. We place high value on establishing and maintaining therapeutic alliances with our clients and families.
  6. We believe in actively involving our clients in decisions that improve both their recovery and the rehabilitation services we offer
  7. We believe that each individual that works at HPS makes an important contribution and we value the pursuit of excellence, skill development and team work.
  8. We believe in being accountable to our clients and we will endeavor to provide services in a responsible, effective and efficient manner.
  9. We believe that education and research enhance our expertise and strengthen our partnerships in the community.
  10. We believe in fostering community understanding about schizophrenia.


HPS has an Organizational Chart that includes all staff. It can be found here.

HPS has created a one-page Annual Review for the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year that can be found here.