Case Management



What is case management at HPS?

HPS case managers support clients in the areas of living, learning, working and socializing. Case managers promote overall well-being and quality of life.

Some examples of how case managers do this are by:

  • Supporting clients to manage their illness and daily activities
  • Navigating and linking clients to community resources and supports
  • Providing support to clients in times of crisis

HPS case managers are experienced clinicians with educational backgrounds in psychology, nursing, and occupational therapy.

What should a client expect from case management at HPS?

When a new client is accepted into the program, he or she will be assigned a specific case manager. The assigned case manager acts as a main support and will meet with the client individually to develop a plan based on his or her specific needs. How often clients meet with their case manager depends on how much support and what type of supports are needed. 

Case managers are available during office hours. If support is required outside of office hours, there are a number of community supports such as COAST. To learn more about community supports click here.

Where is case management at HPS offered?

Case management sessions are offered at the HPS office and in the community. The location of sessions vary based on many factors such as client choice, the purpose of the session and safety.

To contact COAST, please click HERE

To find out about community supports, please click HERE.