First Visit

Clients are assigned a psychiatrist at the time they join HPS. The psychiatrist will do an initial assessment with the client at their first visit. This will include getting information about the symptoms of illness that the client has had or is experiencing, as well reviewing their medical and personal history. This information will be used to support the client in working toward achieving optimal physical and mental health, and promote overall well-being and quality of life. Current medications and potential side-effects will also be reviewed. The psychiatrist will explore concerns, issues, and questions that the client has about illness and medications, and work with the client to identify goals of treatment.

Follow Up

The psychiatrist will continue to be involved with client care throughout their time at HPS. Psychiatric care includes but is not limited to monitoring of medication effectiveness and side-effects, use of various treatment modalities, crisis support, and assistance with hospitalization if needed. The psychiatrist and case manager work closely together to support the client with their goals and to promote overall well-being and quality of life.