Learn how to help a loved one


Help a loved one living with mental illness

When a loved one is living with a mental illness, it is normal to experience a variety of feelings and emotions. Loved ones of persons living with mental illness can and do play a large role in the recovery process.
Some examples of how you can help a loved one are by:

  • Asking your loved one how you can help
  • Being a listening ear and emotional support
  • Assisting with daily tasks, such as managing appointments
  • Connecting your loved ones to services
  • Being an extra set of eyes or ears for changes in your loved one’s mood, behavior and daily routines, which may be an early sign that your loved one’s mental health is worsening

When providing support to others, it is always important to consider your own needs and wellness. There are many resources available to support you to learn more about mental illness and connect with other caregivers.
To learn more about community resources in the Hamilton area, click here.